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Website Design- UX CASE STUDY



This brief required me to design the home page for the Kingsley Beverages brand.

I needed to generate ideas on what information I could find on their current website.

The objective of the website is to promote the brand as a cheaper alternative to beverages sold by big brands such as Coca Cola .

Although the brand is a cheaper alternative, it should not be portrayed as inferior in quality or taste.

Keeping this in mind, This case study ensued…

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Redesigning Nissan’s website

Rationale: We looked closely at Nissan’s website and decided to review several pain points they were experiencing with their current platform. After reviewing their CMS, we have identified several instances where the system was failing in delivering an optimum user experience and ease of navigation as a whole…

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Weather app – UX CASE STUDY

Flash meteo


This article aims to give you a basic understanding of what User experience is and what to expect when solving a particular problem. 

Because being practical is a lot better than beautiful words put together, let’s look at building an app from a basic research level, up until the final product. 

For this exercise we are going to create a weather app with the following requirements in mind…… 

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Proof of concept for SMEC 



SMEC Holdings Limited is an Australian based-firm that provides consulting services on major infrastructure projects around the world.

SMEC needed improvement of their current UX and UI journey’s as their current platform was everything but intuitive and user friendly.

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Makro Express App, for instore use.

Makro App

Rationale: We were approached by Makro to conduct a user experience and user interface review of the existing Makro Express Checkout application, identify potential improvements and additions and provide a proposal and cost estimate to design and develop the proposed solutions. The existing app allows consumers to add products to a digital trolley and once done, creates a digital receipt which is used to simplify and expedite checkout. In addition to the main functionality, the app provides basic profile functionality (including card management), the ability to view your purchase history and the creation and management of shopping lists. As the current functionality focuses on the consumer’s shopping experience while in the store, there is an opportunity to improve this experience, but also to start the experience before they head to their nearest Makro. The proposed updates and additions, including associated functionality/features, as well as structural changes required to deliver an improved user experience.

Link: Flow – Latest Flow (adobe.com)

Proof of concept for Game app

POC Game Now App

Rationale: Game (Massmart) would like to diversify its offering by introducing an e-commerce app that would be efficient both in delivering what it has promised for as well as allowing the user to always be on top of the latest offerings and deals. This is the first stab at a proof of concept that would most likely change shortly.

Link: POC – Flow (adobe.com)

Time management and prouctivity software



Senseflow is a time management software that has for aims to keep track of your productivity level. It also enables you to capture the time spent on a project, view and (in certain cases) manage your team members. What follows below is still on a very conceptual level:

Capitec Business Banking software

Capitec Bank

When I joined the Capitec team we were tasked, my team and I to bring their Business Banking side to life.

Doing so we had quite a few challenges, the first one was getting to understand what had already been done, how final in the process of approval it is, what remains, and so forth.

I would like to point out that Capitec was dealing mostly in Personal banking and in an attempt to diversify their offering and to be more competitive in the market as most huge businesses do, they bought the Mercantile Bank that was dealing exclusively in Business banking.

So the task or the challenge was to bring the mercantile functionality onto the Capitec platform, merging it in a way that both Personal and Business banking could be represented under the same brand.

Link: Capitec Landing Page


B2B Platform concept



I was tasked to build a Proof of Concept for the SMME ePlatform and marketplace. The system is created with the focus on SMME’s and creating engagements between them to encourage an ecosystem for SMME’s. So with this in mind, we needed to create a platform that has the below modules:

● Registration

● Compliance

● Creating a Marketplace

● Analytics

Link: Landing Page Test

Chat bot innovation concept



I was tasked to create a dashboard platform for shareholders. The dashboard would also incorporate a dynamic chat system, fully preempted by artificial intelligence.

Link: Flow 1 (adobe.com)

Link: Innobot Skinning (adobe.com) 

Digital Bank wireframe concept



I was tasked to think of a concept that would enable users to

create a profile using a kiosk interface system, the same we

can find in various physical activation points (Grocery stores,


Link: Flow 1 (adobe.com) (concept 1)

Link: Flow 1 (adobe.com) (concept 2)

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